Wedding Saxophone Player

Why not try a classic sax and bass duo for a more stripped back set

Have you thought about having a wedding saxophone player?

There is nothing more jazzy, chic and classy than the sound of a wedding jazz saxophonist during a drinks reception. The sound just filters through the air as people chat away. It creates the most wonderful atmosphere. Very few people can offer you a saxophonist and double bass duo, and yet we believe is the best combination of all.

Why does it work so well? Firstly, saxophones and double basses just look so good. They are the two most iconic instruments of the jazz age. The very sight of them transports you back to timeless musical eras gone by.. from Great Gatsby through Jazz standards to Swing Jazz and then on to classic Soul music. Also neither instrument needs to be plugged in or amplified, so given the unpredictable UK weather, we can move the saxophone and double bass indoors or outdoors at a moments notice. This is definitely useful for summer weddings.

The best wedding saxophonists will choose to play quietly, not wanting to dominate the atmosphere, and they know that the music is best kept in the background. The saxophone players we use are world class… as mentioned earlier, the sax players photographed on this website have played with several A-list touring celebrity artists so they certainly know how to keep it just right for you. They also headline at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club and the major UK and European jazz festivals.

About your drinks reception music

Watch a drinks reception example

Watch the guys in action

In most cases, as the wedding couple, you’ll be having photos taken during the drinks reception so you won’t actually be there to see the musicians play. You’ll want to know that you can leave atmosphere in good hands and that you’ve provided something a little bit special for your guests.We guarantee that.

The repertoire consists of jazz standards, bossa nova, ballads, swing and blues classics. Please check out our short videos. It gives you a great idea of what it sounds like.

The wedding saxophone duo is more cost effective if you’ve already booked the evening band, which includes both the sax player and the bass player. The musicians can come earlier in the day and we can give you a 50-60% discount off the price that it would cost to book the duo alone.

In terms of options, if you prefer, you can choose to add a keyboard to the saxophone player and bass duo. We have equipment that requires no external amplification. Just ask about different band sizes and prices.

Watch this great Wedding Saxophone and Bass Duo

By the fantastic Alex Garnett (sax and host at Ronnie Scott’s) & Davide Mantovani (bass player for Lisa Stansfield)

Sax and bass isn’t the only option…

Vocal / Piano Solo

Piano & Bass Duo

Sax, Piano, Bass Trio
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